Papa English Club!


Improve your English how YOU want!


  • Get the eBOOK! - Get worksheets for my favourite videos and learn more!

  • This updates MONTHLY! It only gets bigger and BETTER! 

  • You can also choose what you want to see in future editions!

  • Watch EXTRA ENGLISH clips from videos I make... dumb things I do

English Writing Club

  • Writing Practice! - Join a monthly writing task, challenge, debate, and practice your writing skills with other members! 

  • Feel free to ask follow-up questions to other members!

  • I'll give you writing correction on these tasks to help you improve your writing!

  • Get the eBOOK! - Get worksheets to my favourite videos and learn more English!



English Speaking Club

English Class with Aly! (1).jpg
  • 4 English Speaking Classes every month to practice and improve your English conversation skills! - Each session is 1 hour long 

  • Level: B1 (Intermediate) - and up!

  • Join a private Telegram group chat with me and the other members!

  • You don't have to attend all (or even any!) of the sessions, please arrive on time, but I won't punch you in the face if you're late!

  • The topics and links to join will be posted each month.

  • Access to the Writing Club!

  • You also get the eBook!