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How to Use 'Despite' and 'In Spite Of' Correctly

Updated: 2 days ago

How to use conjunctions effectively in English!

Today you're gonna learn about words like But, even though, although, though, despite, in spite of, and how to use them!

However However However

I used to think "However" was just a more formal version of "But" and, in some cases, it can be, but there's a lot more to it!

The difference between "But" and "However" is more related to feeling than formality. "However" implies a bigger contradiction, and maybe a bigger problem!

Consider the following:

"I want the new iPhone but I don't have enough money."
"I want the new iPhone. However, I don't have enough money."

Even in simple text, this sounds like the speaker has given more thought to their financial situation. Or maybe they want to emphasise the difference between how much money he has and how much he needs!

"However" can also be used as an aside. Like you're adding extra information or suggesting something different.

"I've never been to the Universal Studios in Florida. The one in Japan, however, I've been to loads!"

How to use "Even though" and "Although"

"Even though" and "Although" are fun to use!

They are used before a sentence which shows something that didn't have the expected effect on the result:

"Even though I go to the gym every day, I don't see any difference in the mirror!"

(The working out at the gym doesn't affect my body)

"I never go to that restaurant, it's too expensive. Although it IS good!"

(The fact it's a good restaurant doesn't make me want to go there, it's still too expensive!)

How to use "Though"!

"Though" is one of my favourite words! And a very often used one in English that has b