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Master English Grammar: The Ultimate Guide

Study with the Papa Teach Me eBOOK!

Learn the essential rules of English grammar in this comprehensive guide. Improve your English writing and grammar skills with easy-to-follow examples in the unique style of Papa Teach Me
  • Cover all aspects of English vocabulary and grammar, including pronunciation, grammar rules, vocabulary, and idioms. It also includes a variety of exercises to reinforce your learning and help you retain information.

  • Challenges, quizzes, and writing tasks to help you remember key English vocabulary and syntax

  • Complete with easy-to-understand examples

  • Understand through context with illustrations by Aly

  • Video lesson for each unit

  • More than 75 units to help improve YOUR English

Papa Teach Me English eBook
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Ultimate British

Pronunciation Course!

Get my step-by-step British pronunciation course to help you master the most important parts of British pronunciation.
When you sign up, you also get emails from me where I share my favourite English tips. 
I don't believe students should have to pay for pronunciation courses!
So I've not only made the BEST English pronunciation course, but it's also FREE for you!
You can also choose to pay what you want, if you feel weird about taking freebies!

Pay what you want!


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Improve your English Listening and Speaking Skills

Take English classes with Aly!
Join my Intermediate - Advanced
English speaking class on Patreon!
  • All speaking skills! Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Fluency AND accuracy!

  • Boost your confidence when speaking English - Everyone is super nice!

  • Recieve on the spot correction from Aly on your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, or whatever is necessary for your English journey!

  • 4 sessions per month (Each session is 60 minutes)

  • No commitment - Can't come to a class? Don't worry! Treat the sessions like a gym membership!

  • Check schedule on Patreon, if you're happy, I'll see you in class! 

Prefer one-to-one private English lessons?
Check my availability!

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Aly's BEST Tips for building your English Vocabulary

To build your vocabulary, it is essential to regularly expose yourself to the English language and actively seek out new words and phrases.

Here are some tips for building your vocabulary:

  • Read extensively: Reading is an excellent way to build vocabulary, as you are exposed to a wide range of words and phrases.

  • Watch English media: Watching English movies, TV shows, and other media can help you learn new words and phrases in context.

  • Keep a vocabulary journal: Writing down new words and phrases in a vocabulary journal can help you remember them better.

  • Use your OWN examples: I always say it in my videos, make the examples relevant to your life, something you'd ACTUALLY say and use in daily English conversation. This will mean you're more likely to remember new vocabulary.

Aly's BEST Tips for improving your English speaking skills

Listening and speaking are two of the most important language skills to develop. To improve your listening skills, it is essential to regularly listen to English speakers and practice active listening.

Here are some tips for improving your listening and speaking skills:

  • Practice speaking with native speakers: The best way to improve your speaking skills is to practice speaking with native English speakers.

  • Join a language exchange program: Joining a language exchange program can provide you with the opportunity to practice speaking and listening with English speakers from around the world.

  • Participate in English conversation classes: Participating in English conversation classes can help you improve your speaking and listening skills in a supportive and structured environment.

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